Disability Radio World Wide

Disability Radio Worldwide creator, producer and host, Jean Parker is a well-known disability rights activist with years of experience working in the movement. Jean's list of program guests reads like a "Who's Who" of the disability community leadership around the globe. Almost all of the guests on Disability Radio Worldwide are people with disabilities and experts in their fields, discussing the full spectrum of issues related to advancing the human rights of people with disabilities around the world.

Disability Radio Worldwide is a dynamic, 30-minute weekly program broadcast by FM stations, radio reading services, over the Internet in the RealAudio format, and on shortwave radio. The weekly broadcasts originate from Radio for Peace International in Costa Rica. Click this link to check the website for current times and frequencies: http://www.rfpi.org/quarterly-sked.html.

Weekly programs are distributed in the United States by the Pacifica Radio Network and can be heard on many local Pacifica affiliates. Broadcast outlets are added periodically so check the website for up-dated information.

Click this link to visit the Disability Radio Worldwide website: http://www.rfpi.org/disabilityradio/.


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