Discussing Salary During Interviews

By Erika Cox |

Many people are hesitant to talk about salary during a job interview but unless you already know what the employer is offering and you are happy with it then you should definitely discuss salary during an interview. Don't be nervous or embarrassed. Salary is part of the job and should be discussed along with everything else.

Here are a few guidelines to help you discuss salary in an interview:

  1. Try not to offer a specific amount first. Mention a hypothetical figure to get the employer to mention a specific figure.

  2. If an employer asks how much you made at your last job, try to avoid giving a specific amount so as to not be cornered into making the same amount. You can say something to the effect that my duties are much different with this position than my past duties, therefore, I would prefer what is comparable for this position.

  3. If the company has no established salary range for the position ask the employer what is the salary range of other workers doing a similar job. Or, if you've done your research, you can mention that the average salary nationwide for this position is this amount.

  4. Before asking about the salary, make sure you know what other benefits offered by the company will be. The benefits package may substitute for a lower pay.

  5. Make sure you ask if a performance and salary review is available and how often one is given.

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