The Dual Screen Reader and Screen Magnifier

Dual gives you both speech and magnification. By combining the LookOUT screen reader with the Magnus screen enlarger, Choice Technology has created Dual, a program which can read your computer screen both loud and clear. It speaks the screen contents, and simultaneously magnifies everything on the screen up to 16 times.

  • Dual will speak what you type.
  • Read out your documents.
  • Magnify whatever is on the screen.
  • Read your e-mails and Web pages.
  • Invert the screen colours giving you, for instance, white print on a black background.
  • No extra speech synthesizer is required.


  • There are speed, pitch and volume options for the speech.
  • Magnification can be suspended and restored with the PAUSE key.
  • A Novice verbose mode can help beginners.
  • Easy-to-learn keystrokes.
  • Visual Basic scripting for complex situations

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, 2000 or NT4 (not 98 or Millennium)
  • A fast modern multimedia PC or laptop (at least 800 MHz and 128MB RAM)
  • Any sound card and a low-end Video card

For more information, contact:

Choice Technology (UK) Ltd
7 The Rookery
Orton Wistow
Phone: 01733 234441
Fax: 01733 370391


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