Easy Clean Up in the Kitchen

I like cooking but hate the cleaning up afterword. Here are two tips that are easy to do and will help cut down on your cleaning time in the kitchen.

Aluminum foil is simply one of the best things to have in the kitchen. You can use it for so many things, including setting the stage for easy cleaning after cooking. You can place it on pans when you are baking anything from biscuits to chicken. When you are done with the pan, simply tear off the aluminum foil and toss it, leaving your pan as clean as it was when you pulled it out of the cabinet.

Another great thing you can do when cooking is practice cleaning as you go. One way you can do this is to unload your dishwasher before you begin cooking. As you use the dishes, simply slip them into your dishwasher. Then when dinner is over, everyone can put their plate directly into the dishwasher, leaving you with very little clean up to do.


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