Easy Icing without the Drips

As a totally blind person who likes to cook, I understand the difficulties we can have when trying to icing a cake or brownies. I often make the greatest of messes when trying to put icing on a spoon or knife and then attempt to get it on the cake. You know what happens, the icing drips on the counter or on the side of the pan. What a pain!

The next time you are making a dessert that requires you to drizzle on a topping, the easiest way is to use a sandwich bag.

Place your drizzle mix (icing, fudge, etc.) into a sandwich bag and seal closed.

Now cut away a small corner of the bag with a pair of scissors.

Hold the bag over your dessert and gently squeeze to push the topping out of the corner of the bag.

Now take a knife or the back of a spoon and spread things out properly.


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