Email without A Computer

I have an older friend who is visually impaired. He says that he'd love to email friends and family but he doesn't know how to use a computer and couldn't see the screen, even if he knew what he was doing with the email software. He has no problem reading his mail with a CCTV. I was thrilled when I heard about the Celery email system and immediately called him with the following information.

The Celery email system allows you to send emails without having to own a computer. It's basically a printer and scanner. To send an email, you simply write out the email, put it in the slot, press 2 buttons and your email is scanned and sent to the recipient. Very easy!

When you receive an email, your phone will ring. When you pick up the phone, your email is automatically printed out by the printer. You don't even have to touch the Celery machine!

The most interesting part about this gadget is that it requires no outside computing equipment or an Internet connection! You simply plug it into your phone line and the Celery service will allow you to send and receive emails.

If you're not home you can still get your Celery emails. As long as you have an answering machine or some sort of auto-answering device, the email will be printed off so you can pick it up when you get home.

For pricing and other information, check out Celery's website at


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