The four types of Interviews

By Erika Cox |

Yes, interviews actually come in different types so prepare yourself accordingly. Interviews usually fall into four general categories.

The first type is the target directed interview, which consist of the interviewer being direct, businesslike, and usually impersonal. Respond nicely and professionally to every question without too much deviation into other areas or humor.

The second type is the family interview. The family interview is warm, friendly, and at ease. The focus is usually team oriented, so emphasize how much of a team player you are, how you get along well with others, what you bring or can offer to the company, and your communication skills. Humor and some deviation from answers is generally acceptable.

The third type of interview is called the thinking person's interview. The interviewer is more interested in how you do things, what you expect to accomplish, your goals, specific skills, and in-depth explanations of your work experience. Provide logical, expanded answers about your methods, goals, and thoughts.

The last type of interview consists of the interviewer being unpredictable, jumping from one area to the next, and being judgmental. Be quick with your responses, alert, speak in general terms, and let the interviewer take over the interview.

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