Garage Sale Hunter and the Yard Sale Database

Do you love a good sale? I love checking out Garage Sales to see if they have any vinyl albums. It sure is difficult to find a good sale when you can't read the signs that are stapled to poles around the city. Well, our worries are over. Thanks to the internet, another aspect of life just became more accessible.

The goal of Garage Sale Hunter is to create a "nationwide garage sale forum." It's that season and let me tell you here in Louisville, the garage sales are already in full force. You can find a garage sale near you or you can post your garage sale so people can find you. The best part is that it's absolutely free.

You can also find garage sale tips, and get on their garage sale mailing list. The mailing list will give you a daily e-mail of garage sales in your area. You can even use their flyer maker for free to make flyers to post for your garage sale. Yet another handy site for your favorite lists. Check this one out.

Click here to visit the Garage Sale Hunter web site:

Yard Sale Database

This site not only has yard sale information, but it also uses Google maps (for those of you who have enough vision to use this cool program).

There are several ways you can use the Yard Sale Database. You can first search by zip code. Just type in your zip code and click Find. You can post your yard sale, remove your yard sale, check out the FAQs and even read Yard Sale Stories. It's free to post your yard sale, so you can get lots of visitors to buy your old stuff. Then, when you're done, you can remove your sale from the site. Pretty easy, huh?

Another way to search is to click on the bulleted sales on the map on the main page. You'll get all the details for that sale. And of course, you have the three Google map options: map, satellite and hybrid, to view the postings.

Click this link to visit the Yard Sale Database:

Summer is ideal for yard sales. There's no school, the kids can set up lemonade stands, people actually come out of hiding and want to find a good bargain, the weather's nice, etc. The question is, "How do I sell my yard sale?" Certainly, there's the old school cardboard sign along the side of the road, and a clever ad in the inaccessible Sunday classifieds. But those don't really guarantee anything. Now you can try another method: YardSaleAd. It's a website that lets you post your yard sale and all the important details. For those looking for a good sale, YardSaleAd makes it easy. Just enter your search criteria (location, categories, date, etc) and YardSaleAd will help you find it. Simply register to get unlimited access for free. Click this link to visit


We would also like to let you know about our website "The Nation's Largest Garage Sale Website!"
Audeliz said…
I love a good garage or yard sale just like you. It's funny how the internet has made it super easy to locate the local sales. I still see the cheesy signs and I still respond to them even if I know I am going to a specific garage or yard sale. But that's because I want to go to these garage sales. The signs are for the people who didn't plan on shooping at a yard sale on a Saturday or Sunday. Those would be the tirekickers in my book. I love your enthusiasm for yard and garage sales.

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