How to Tie a Square Knot

Also known as a reef knot, the square knot is secure and easy to untie.

  1. Start with two pieces of rope that are close in diameter. We'll call them rope A and rope B for ease in describing this process.
  2. Hold the end of rope A in your left hand and the end of rope B in your right hand.
  3. Cross rope A over rope B to form an X.
  4. Wrap A once to the right around B, just like the first step in tying a bow in your shoelace. A is now sticking out to the right and B is to the left.
  5. Cross A over B again, forming another X.
  6. Wrap A once to the left around B.
  7. Pull on the free ends to tighten the knot.

This knot isn't recommended for weight-bearing situations.

This knot is specifically for joining ropes of equal diameter, and does not work well with mismatched ropes. It also does not hold well with nylon ropes.


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