Legally Download Movies to Watch On Your Computer or Burn to DVD

CinemaNow, Inc. at is an Internet provider of premium on-demand movies and video content. CinemaNow legally offers downloads of more than 4,000 feature-length films, shorts, music concerts and television programs.

Hollywood movies and popular TV shows are available on a download-to-own basis (also known as electronic sell-through), providing an unlimited viewing period on up to 3 devices. CinemaNow also makes movies available on a pay-per-view basis providing customers a 24 hour window to watch the video. As with all CinemaNow downloads, customers can start watching the video in as little as 30 seconds or they can download the file and watch it anytime, anywhere on their PC or laptop.

CinemaNow also offers a large library of independent movies, classic TV shows, documentaries and other videos on a free (ad-supported) streaming basis. This content can be viewed in CinemaNow's accessible, cutting-edge video player which allows customers to save their favorite scenes and easily access their favorite movies. Customers can also upgrade to a Platinum Membership which enables commercial-free viewing and video downloading.

One of the coolest things they offer is the ability to burn your own DVDs. Browse their Burn to DVD section and purchase the movie you wish to download. With Burn to DVD movies you get more than just the film, you get all the deleted scenes, interviews and other extras you would find on the DVD. CinemaNow DVDs work with any standard +R or -R blank DVD.

Once you have completed the burn process, you can play CinemaNow videos on almost any DVD player.

All CinemaNow DVD videos have full menu capabilities just like a store-bought DVD that work with your DVD remote for easy navigation.

For more information on CinemaNow, contact:

CinemaNow, Inc.
4553 Glencoe Avenue
Suite 200
Marina del Rey , CA 90292
Phone: 310-314-3000


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