The LookOUT Screen Reader

The LookOUT software package will give a voice to your computer. You will hear what you type and listen to everything that appears on your screen. If you see a little, it will save you having to strain and look all the time. If you can't see at all, you can still enjoy the computer. You can alter the way the voice behaves:

  • There are speed, pitch and volume options.
  • Male and female voice options.
  • A Novice verbose mode for beginners.
  • On-screen navigational musical tones.

  • LookOUT will speak what you type.
  • Read out your documents.
  • Tell you where you are in the system.
  • Read your e-mails and Web pages.
  • Access some CD-ROM reference works.
  • Speak contextual help information.
  • No extra speech synthesizer is required.

For the Expert

  • Format and attribute information.
  • The ability to use tables effectively.
  • First-class Internet access with WebbIE
  • On-screen markers for easy navigation.
  • Visual Basic scripting for complex situations.

System Requirements

  • A modern multimedia PC or laptop (At least 350 MHz and 64MB RAM).
  • Any sound card and a low-end Video card.
  • Windows XP, 98, ME, 2000 or NT with Service Pack 6

For more information, contact:

Choice Technology (UK) Ltd
7 The Rookery
Orton Wistow
Phone: 01733 234441
Fax: 01733 370391


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