Magnus: the Inexpensive but Powerful Screen Magnifier

The Magnus screen enlarger (formerly Magnice.)

Magnice changed its name to Magnus when a version arrived that runs under Windows XP and 2000. The original Magnice 2K, which works with Windows 98 and Millennium, is still available, and the description below applies to both versions.

Magnus Features

  • Magnifies whatever appears on the screen
  • From 2 to 16 times magnification
  • Split screen and lens options
  • Font smoothing
  • Colour inversion e.g. white print on black
  • Pause key to temporarily suspend magnifier

System Requirements

  • Windows 98, Me, XP, or 2000; also NT4 with SP6, but with this system there can be problems for network users.

For more information, contact:

Choice Technology (UK) Ltd
7 The Rookery
Orton Wistow
Phone: 01733 234441
Fax: 01733 370391


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