The Resume: Education Section

by Rachel Whitmire |

After your employment history, put your educational background on your resume. Some people place their education closer to the top of the resume - before their employment history. This is fine if you have a college or university degree. However, if you just have a high school diploma and then maybe a little bit of college or a few professional courses, it is better to put this below your employment history so that the employer can see what you have accomplished after leaving high school. Education isn't everything, so make sure that they see your work experience.

Just like your employment history, your education also needs to be written in reverse order. Your most recent education goes first, then the one before that and then your high school or GED program comes last.

Also, remember to include the name of your school, the city and state where it is located and the dates that you attended (at least the month and year that you started and ended).

Remember to include ANY education you have had in this section. If you attended college for a semester, then put that there. You'll put the name of the school, the dates you attended and then instead of putting the title of your degree, say "Courses towards an English degree" or "Courses towards a nursing degree". You went to school, you passed the classes, so go ahead and take credit for that!

One thing that many people often leave off of their resume is their high school diploma or GED. They make the assumption that the employer will know that they have this level of education. Sadly enough, that just isn't true in the United States today. If you have a high school diploma or GED, you actually rise above a sizable portion of the population. Make sure the employer knows you have it. Also, if you don't include this education, they may assume that you never finished high school, which can automatically disqualify you for a number of different positions.

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