Ride On Carry On

Traveling as a blind or visually impaired person can be difficult. We have to deal with our canes, dog guides and luggage while trying to get directions to the right gate for our flight. Have you ever tried this with a small child and a stroller? That could drive anyone to absolute madness!

Even if you have someone with you the aggrivation levels can be enough to cause divorce or at the very least a quiet flight while tempers drop to normal levels. It can sure put a damper on any vacation or convention.

If you have experienced this or know someone who has, the Ride on Carry on is something you'll want. This device is an excellent way to get your luggage and child from A to B with minimal effort and only two hands are required.

This chair is designed for toddlers, it simply straps to the back of your rolling luggage and collapses to fit in the overhead compartment. Each seat is made of a durable and washable 100% polyester fabric and is made to fit all 18" to 22" carry-on-bags. It can be installed or removed in a matter of seconds. No more strollers in the airport!

This chair holds a child up to forty-pounds and could be one of the best travel gadgets out there.

Click this link to purchase the Ride On, Carry On from Beach Comber.


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