Setting Up Your Speakers in Windows

Are you a sound fanatic? Do you have your computer hooked up for surround sound or at least have multiple speakers? Well, if you tell Windows about your sound configuration, you'll probably enjoy your speakers even more. This tip is for Windows 98 and higher.

  1. Click the Start button, Settings, Control Panel. Open the Multimedia icon. (XP users, you need to hit the Start button, Control Panel and then open the Sounds & Audio Devices icon). Nothing like consistency from version to version you know?

  2. Under the Audio tab, click or tab to the Advanced Properties button (in XP, it's just called the Advanced button).

Using the drop box on that screen, you can tell Windows what your speaker arrangement is. It has everything from headphones to surround sound.

Here's a thought: Playing Shades of Doom in surround sound, now that's fun! If only I could keep my wife from yelling at me. I think she said something about the floor vibrating, but I couldn't hear for sure.


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