The Size and Style of Todays MP3 Players

Do you copy your music CDs to files on your computer with Windows Media or some other program? Would you like to take that music with you when you travel? If you answer yes to these questions, a portible MP3 player is for you. There are two kinds of MP3 players: hard drive and flash memory. Each type has its own unique advantages.

Hard drive players have a hard drive inside them and can store a lot of digital music files. This makes them ideal for serious music lovers. Hard drive players are generally compact and slim with moving parts that can cause your music to "skip" under high impact conditions.

Players that have embedded flash memory are tiny and usually rely on built in flash memory to store digital music. Since flash memory players have no moving parts, they can handle bumping and jostling without the risk of "skipping". Their light weight also makes them a great choice for jogging or aerobics. Flash players store fewer tunes than hard drive players.

CD portibles or MD players are another way to take your tunes with you as you travel. They are not considered MP3 players, even though they can play CDs with MP3 files. They are an affordable and versatile choice for people who don't mind transferring their music files to discs. CD portables are noticeably larger than today's hard drive and flash players, closer in size to the hard drive players.

There are tons of extra features to look for when shopping for an MP3 player. If you want to listen to FM radio, you should look for a portable that includes an FM tuner. Many players can capture voice snippets through a built in microphone or record radio broadcasts from that built -in FM tuner. These players are great for people who want to save interviews or lectures. If you choose a player that has embedded flash memory and a memory card slot, you can expand the players memory capacity by purchasing flash memory cards and use them to store additional tunes. Other accessories include headphones, remote controls and docking stations.

You can find MP3 players in almost any store that has an electronics section. Drug stores and supercenters will also stock some kind of MP3 player. The size of the player's memory will varry so shop smart and do your homework.


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