Use Nail Polish Everywhere

By Nicole Humphrey |

If you find yourself with bottles of nail polish that might not be your color, or that may not be fashionable anymore, there are dozens of ways you can use the rest of the polish in the bottle.

  • Remote Control: Use glow in the dark nail polish to light up frequently pressed remote control buttons. This way when you want to change the channel or turn the volume up, and you're in the dark, you can see it!
  • Paint: Use nail polish as a paint throughout your home. Paint flowers or hearts on a child's mirror, use it for craft projects, to put names on items, paint pictures on frames, etc.
  • Keys: Use different colors of nail polish and make a small dot on each key on your key chain. It will make finding the correct key much easier. And it's a lot cheaper than buying those colored heads for the key.
  • Medicine Measurer: The tiny cups they give you for medicine are so hard to read. Use nail polish to mark the line on the cup to make dispensing the correct amount, easier. You could even do this for each family member. Give them their own cup and mark the bottom with a letter in nail polish. Then mark the dosage amount that person requires with nail polish on the outside of the measuring cup.
  • Clear polish: Works great as a transparent coating over all sorts of things; labels, names, anything you don't want to scratch off. You can also spread it over the address label on a package to keep it waterproof and from smudging!
  • Color Coding: Use nail polish to color code different family members belongings. Makes separating much easier. Brushes, combs, tooth brushes, labels in underwear, etc.
  • Prevent Rust: This works for any item that has the potential to rust. Just paint the item with a coat or two of clear nail polish.
  • Costume Jewelry: You can protect your costume jewelry that tarnishes quickly, by brushing clear polish onto the back of each piece.
  • Shoe Laces/Ribbons: Ribbons and shoelaces are known for unraveling over a period of time. Dip the ends in a clear nail polish or you can use a color if you'd like. Allow to dry for several hours.
  • Warts: Clear nail polish works great in order to get rid of them and prevent spreading the virus to others. It only takes about a week and it will be gone.
  • Buttons: Don't lose anymore buttons. Just apply a drop of clear nail polish to the thread that holds the button onto the garment. This way you prevent the thread from fraying and you won't lose any buttons.
  • Pantyhose: Isn't this the most known "extra" use for nail polish? You can stop a run in pantyhose by dabbing some clear nail polish on the run. Be sure and apply the polish to each end of a run and then allow to dry.
  • Window Screens: Do you have a hole in your door or window screen? As long as it's a small hole, this little tip should work. You can dab the clear nail polish all around the hole. If it's really small you can fill the hole with polish to prevent bugs from getting through.
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