The Wireless Mail Alert System

Do you look forward to receiving your next braille or cassette magazine from APH? How many times do you run to the mailbox only to be disappointed because the mail hadn't run yet?

I have a gadget that will alert you to the mail being delivered. It's called the Wireless Mail Alert and it's easy to install and use. The mailbox sensor is triggered when a mailman opens the mailbox door. The sensor sends a radio signal to the indoor display (up to 300 feet away) and lets you know that the mail has arrived.


  • Don't trudge out in the cold, rain, or snow only to see if your mail has been delivered!
  • Mail Alert notifies you immediately when your mail is delivered so you can take care of business quickly.
  • When the mailman opens your mailbox door, the receiver inside your home or office will flash constantly and chime every 5 minutes for two hours. Press the MAIL button to reset the system after you have picked up the mail.
  • Up to 300 foot range between sensor and receiver.
  • Lithium battery (2032 type) for transmitter and 120V AC adapter for receiver are both included. Average battery life is one year.

Mail Alert is designed to work with conventional mailboxes with doors that open downward. Mail Alert will not work on unconventional mailboxes without doors or with doors that open sideways.

Click this link to purchase the Wireless Mail Alert system from Gismo City.


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