Area Too Dark? Dot-it!

Some places just don't have proper lighting. Cabinets, garages, and clausets always seem to need more light. Instead of groping around, put a little light on the subject with Sylvania's DOT-its.

The DOT-it is a small, circular light that utilizes three extremely bright white LEDs for brightness. It has an adhesive back, which sticks to just about anything without leaving any residue behind. The adhesive isn't just a one time use, it sticks and re-sticks every time.

Using the DOT-it is simple, just push the top, and it turns on. Push it again, and it turns off. A great place for the DOT-it would be in a cabinet or closet that wouldn't have light otherwise.

The DOT-it is powered by three triple A batteries. It's suggested that you replace the batteries every 100 hours for optimal brightness.

The DOT-it comes in a wide variety of colors including silver, black, pink, orange, red, and yellow. Definitely a color for everyone. These are brighter than similar lights that can be purchased in discount stores.

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