Audio Books That Think They're iPods

For those who are crunched for time or don't want to bother downloading an audio book, or, for that matter, buying a portable audio player, Findaway World says there's another way to listen.

Playaway is the first-ever self-playing, self-contained digital audio book. No need to download anything or continuously swap out CDs or audiocassettes. The Playaway hangs around your neck or fits in a pocket so you can listen to books pretty much wherever you want. It's half the size of a deck of cards, and lets you adjust the speed of the narrator's voice (which, Findaway says, is often the actual author), fast-forward, reverse and bookmark your spot for the next time you listen.

The Playaway comes with earphones, a lanyard and a AAA battery. You can pick them up at Borders, OfficeMax, Barnes & Noble and the Playaway Web site.

Click this link to visit the Playaway website.


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