Audio Slalom for Blind and Visually Impaired Skiers

The Bat Blaster from a-technic (the British Adaptive and Assistive Technology charity) is a training and competition system for blind and partially sighted water ski slalom. Until now, the most popular of the competition disciplines has been impossible for vision impaired water skiers. This has changed with the advent of a new discipline - Audio Slalom, specially devised for vision impaired skiers to accurately simulate the traditional slalom event and with technology like the Bat Blaster.

Skiers no longer need to see the buoys, but can instead compete using audible 'buoy' signals. The Bat Blaster attaches to the towing pylon of a competition ski boat and allows vision impaired skiers to participate in slalom competitions. It is used in all major disabled water ski competitions and is in regular use by blind and partially sighted skiers in around a dozen countries world-wide.

Click this link to visit the Bat Blaster home page of the a-technic website:


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