How to Play Penny Pitch

Are you looking for games that all your children can play? Do you want to insure that the playing field is even for your visually impaired children as well as the sighted?

Here's a great game that everyone can play, even if you have to blindfold the sighted children to even things up a little. Please note: Supervision is required for young children due to the use of small items that could be swallowed.

Use large muffin tins as game boards and have children pitch pennies into the muffin cups. There are different ways to play and keep score.

Game #1

  1. Set the muffin tin down lengthwise and have two children stand a slight distance from it.

  2. Give them each the same number of pennies.

  3. Have them take turns tossing pennies into the muffin cups. Award a certain number of points for each cup. For example, award one point for the nearest cup, two for the next, etc. The child with the highest score wins.

Game #2

  1. Have children line up and take individual turns tossing pennies into the pan (or set up two pans).

  2. Award points, or count to see who was able to toss the most items into the pan overall.

Game #3

Instead of pennies, try colored beads or dried beans. You can award different points for different colors. You can also use margarine tubs or small cups instead of muffin pans.

Game #4

To make things more challenging for bigger kids, have them toss while wearing a blindfold, or have them stand with their backs to the pan/cups and toss backwards.


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