Listening to Books in Bed

Are you one of those folks who loves to drift off to sleep while listening to a good book? Do you wish you could get rid of the headphones while listening? I've got something that will help.

With the iPillow portable MP3 speakers, you can rest your head in comfort while relaxing-or rocking-to your favorite tunes! Compatible with all types of MP3 players including iPod, our pillow speaker converts your player into a soft and plush boom box!

Simply plug in your MP3 player and listen to your favorite tunes. The pillow speaker contains two built-in speakers, but with a visco-elastic foam interior and plush micro-suede exterior, it's also the perfect place to cradle your neck.

The iPillow portable MP3 speakers work with any MP3 player. Use with Creative Zen, iPod, iPod Shuffle, even iPod nano. A zippered mesh MP3 holder keeps your MP3 player secure but available.

Click this link to purchase the iPillo from the Brookstone website.


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