Pirate Memory Audio Game

Shiver me timbers! You don't look like one of those lilly livered land-lovers, so get ye prepared for meeting zippy PIRATES from the High Seas. Are you Ready for new adventures?

Addictive, Simple and original, the Pirate Memory Audio GAME is sure to WIN your HEART and is a great GIFT for any BLIND FRIEND. It is a variant of the classic Memory game. You play in THREE exceptional auditory surroundings: on the pier, at the seaside and in the sea. In each of them, you will enjoy 12 levels of the game, which make altogether thirty six audio puzzles.

You can play with pirates from all over the globe and find your best results in the Pirate World's Hall of Fame on the internet.

You will find more info about the Pirate Memory Audio Game at: http://www.klangogames.com/en/pmg/.


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