Publishers Launch Look-Up Service to Speed Delivery of Course Materials to Print-Disabled Students

Higher education publisher members of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) have launched a Publisher Look-Up Service. The online search tool, found at, will enable Disabled Student Services (DSS) professionals who are seeking text materials in alternate formats for print-disabled students to more easily contact publishers.

The Publisher Look-Up Service is a first step in AAP's Alternative Formats Solutions Initiative (AFSI), a national effort to identify ways to provide print-disabled post-secondary students with specially formatted course materials on a timely basis. AFSI research showed that publishers could make an immediate difference by launching the Publisher Look-Up Service, while still exploring longer-term solutions.

DSS offices at post-secondary institutions can search by textbook publisher or publisher imprint to access general information about the publishing company and appropriate contact information. Once provided with this information, DSS offices typically work with publishers to acquire an electronic version of a textbook to provide to print-disabled students.

Publishers-AAP members and non-members-are encouraged to secure a login from AAP that enables them to directly upload, edit, and update company information on the site. To request a login, send a message to

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