A Website for Hooligans Everywhere

Yahooligans.com is essentially a kid friendly version of the popular website yahoo. The site is set up much like the regular yahoo with links in the center to important topics. In the case of yahooligans the sites are all kid friendly.

The site has new briefs for kids, daily horoscopes, and science information as well as information on children's television and movies. If children have a question about something they can type it into the "Ask Earl" section of the site and get an answer.

The site also has a games section, where children who have good vision can play kid friendly games. A lot of the games on the site are based on popular cartoons or movies which gives them an extra special appeal to children. Note: The games on this site are presented in the Macromedia Flash format and are not screen reader friendly.

Yahooligans has a Parents Guide to being a web savvy parent that is well worth checking out. The parents guide has tips for keeping your children safe while they're online and ideas for keeping them away from inappropriate material.

Click this link to visit Yahooligans.com.


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