Alphabet Scramble

Alphabet Scramble

Alphabet Scramble is a read-aloud storybook promoting emergent and early literacy skills. The rhyming story tells of a "family" of alphabet letters as each sets out to explore the page. As each letter takes a turn crossing the page -- shown as a line of repeating letters -- the child has the motivation to track along the line of braille, gaining skill in the hand movements used for braille reading.

Reading Alphabet Scramble provides exposure to upper and lower case braille and large print letters, letter names, the sequence of the alphabet, and includes the letter word contraction associated with each braille letter. Visually pleasing, colorful, high-contrast backgrounds add interest for low vision learners and sighted peers.

An accompanying Notes to the Reader (print edition included, braille edition available separately) discusses the book's purpose, proper tracking techniques, and information about tactual recognition of braille symbols and the importance of letter knowledge for beginning reading. Recommended ages: preschool and up.

Alphabet Scramble:
Catalog Number: 5-01199-00

Alphabet Scramble, Braille Notes to Reader: Catalog Number:: 5-01198-00
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