Crayola Color Wonder Products: Great for Blind Parents

Everyone knows Crayola as probably the most popular brand of crayons, constantly coming out with new colors and even larger boxes. But Crayola has come up with this amazing product that is almost totally mess-free and perfect for blind parents with sighted children.

The trick to the Crayola Color Wonder products is that the special markers and finger paints only show up on special Color Wonder paper. Your child can color on anything else to his or her delight, and the only thing that may show up is a wet spot. This works great for blind parents because you don't have to worry about your sighted child marking on the walls or furni?ture.

Visually impaired children can color without worrying about missing the edge of the page or messing up clothes. Nothing is damaged if they color in the wrong place!

Crayola Color Wonder products are available just about anywhere. Sets often include finger paints and markers. There are also themed packages, like Dora the Explorer or Cars, which come with a Color Wonder notebook and four to six markers or a set of finger paints with colors that are relevant to the notebook's theme. You can even buy a set of markers or a set of finger paints by themselves as refills.

QVC sells another Color Wonder product called the Color Wonder Sprayer. This is an airbrush kit that works with special Color Wonder sprayer cartridges that look like markers. It works the same way as any other kids airbrush machine, but it makes less mess because the colors can't be sprayed on everything. It comes with stencils and some cartridges. You can also buy the cartridge refills and other kits that come with stencils and one Color Wonder marker.

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