Dura-Bull Dog Bedz and Guide Dogs

The visually impaired achieve ease and freedom of mobility largely through the use of guide dogs, a common and costly solution that allows special challenges to be overcome. However, the cost of training for both the animal and the handler can be prohibitive for many, which is why the nonprofit organization Guide Dogs for the Blind has provided comprehensive services of more than 10,000 dogs to eligible handlers since 1942. Dura-Bull Dog Bedz, a leading pet bed supplier, has taken up the cause to donate a portion of all proceeds to Guide Dogs for the Blind, which operates entirely on private donations.

The washable dog beds sold by Dura-Bull Dog Bedz are resistant to pests, odors, dirt, water and urine and are covered with marine quality, rip-stop vinyl, essential for making the bed weatherproof. The bed provides premium ergonomic support and was constructed out of strong, easily cleaned materials. Before the creation of Dura-Bull Dog Bedz, there had never been a bed on the market that could simply be wiped clean.

An indestructible dog bed from dura-bulldogbedz.com can also be purchased with an optional, machine-washable fleece cover.

For a water-resistant dog bed that is built to last and provides essential ergonomic and skeletal support, click this link to visit dura-bulldogbedz.com.


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