Fit&fresh Salad Shaker

My wife loves making fresh salads, they make simple, healthy meals, and are so easy to do. Packing one for lunch is a bit tricky, but fit&fresh has a great solution: the Salad Shaker.

The ice pack keeps your veggies nice and crisp, while the dressing cup keeps the dressing from getting your salad soggy. Your fork goes into the utensil box. Fit&fresh also makes a Soup & Salad set for those who like to have something hot for lunch.

Soup and salads are made for each other. Now they can travel together from home! The soup on top feature keeps the heat away from your lettuce. The salad on the bottom allows your soup to stay hot all day. Have lunch exactly like you want it with soup & salad from fit & fresh. Comes with a convenient carry strap for easy transport.

Click this link to visit the Salad Shaker product page of the Fit&fresh website.

Click this link to visit the Soup & Salad Set product page of the Fit&fresh website.


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