A Flashlight with Legs

The Inferno Flexi-Light from Gerber looks and functions like a normal flashlight until you realise that the 7 LED bulbs each have their own hidden articulating legs. When extended the LEDs can then be pointed in multiple directions illuminating different areas all at once. The Flexi-Light can be used as a task light, table-top lantern, tent chandelier or flashlight. It gives users total control of how and where they use light in the field.

The Inferno also has 5 different lighting modes including a focused white flashlight, a diffuse white area light, a red night vision area light, a red night vision focused light and a flashing red emergency beacon. On 3 AAA batteries the flashlight will run for about 40 hours which isn't that bad considering it's powering 7 seperate lights at once.

Click this link to purchase the Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light from the Edmund Scientifics' website.


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