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Message: There is someone who is sending me unpleasant email messages. How can I put an end to it? I am totally blind and use Outlook Express. My computer is running Windows 98 and Jaws 4.02. Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated.
location: Mississippi

I understand your problem and have a solution for you. I've tried a variety of both freeware and shareware software packages and have found a program from Cloudmark, Inc. to be the best and the most accessible. There is a yearly subscription but it's well worth the protection you get.

First, you need to download the software. Click this link to visit the Cloudmark Desktop website and download the Cloudmark Desktop that is right for you. A variety of program options are available, depending on the version of Windows you're running and if you use Outlook or Outlook Express. There is a fifteen day trial for you to evaluate the program before you register.

Because your question involves Outlook Express, this article will cover this email cliant specifically.

After you download the program, go ahead and install it. Make sure your Outlook Express is closed before starting the installation program.

When installation is complete, open Outlook Express. You'll notice nothing at first, but if you use your JAWS cursor, you'll see some new icons justbelow the regular toolbar. The most important of these are "Block" and "Unblock."

Go ahead and pull your new messages. When content is received, Cloudmark Desktop generates a set of fingerprints and sends them to the Cloudmark service.

The Cloudmark service evaluates the fingerprints based on the feedback from the Cloudmark network of users.

Cloudmark Desktop blocks the content if the fingerprints are determined to be undesirable.

All blocked messages are placed in a "spam" folder for your review.

You can use the "route JAWS to PC" command to press the Block or Unblock buttons in the unlikely event that an email is not correctly identified.

When a user presses the Block button, fingerprints are generated and sent to the Cloudmark service. TeS looks at the user's reputation and, depending on their individual reputation, a confidence level is applied to that message to determine whether it should be blocked. This fully automated real-time process ensures that all users are immediately protected from new attacks.

Key Benefits

  • Installs in minutes and requires no configuration
  • No rules or lists to manage
  • Blocks over 98% of spam from reaching your inbox
  • Uniquely blocks phishing emails to safeguard you against scams
  • Puts you in control-simply press the Block or Unblock button
  • Free automatic product updates and email support
  • Protects all email accounts in Outlook or Outlook Express

Click this link to download the Cloudmark Desktop for Outlook and Outlook Express.

Blocking and Unblocking Senders in Outlook Express

You can block senders with most email cliants. When you "block" someone, all of the email they send to you gets deleted as it comes in. In Outlook Express, just hit ALT+M or click on the Messages menu and select Block Sender to block the currently selected email.

OK, so how do you unblock someone you've accidentally blocked?

In Outlook Express, hit ALT+T or click on the Tools menu, click Message Rules, then Blocked Senders. Just highlight the person you want to unblock and tab to or click the Remove button.

Most other email cliants will allow you to block people either using a similar method or by using filters. You can set these filters to automatically send messages to the recycle bin if you like.


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