MarvelSoft: The Future of Sound

MarvelSoft has some easy-to-use talking software, completely narrated with pre-recorded human speech.

Their flagship product is Talking Typing Teacher, an interactive program for Windows that teaches keyboarding skills. All directions, posture tips, drills and games are narrated entirely with pre-recorded human dialog (as well as shown on-screen). This means that students never listen to hard-to-understand synthesized speech when learning to type with TTT. Full support for large-print users, multiple student access, and the ability to create customized lessons makes TTT an invaluable teaching tool for individuals and professionals alike.

Talking Toolbox is a collection of powerful, easy-to-use tools you'll find yourself using every day. Once you have Talking Toolbox on your computer, you'll enjoy using a talking email client (known as Post Office), a calendar to help you plan your week, month and year, a feature-packed word processor, a lightning-fast address manager, a phone dialer, a calculator to make balancing the books a piece of cake, a fully-functional CD player, and an amusing alarm clock to ensure you always get everything done on time! Naturally, all these tools are entirely self-voicing with their own built-in speech, making this package a must-have if you're a fan of getting work done in a snap.

Moving right along, Marvel Math is a multi-media program to teach and reinforce math skills. If you're working from a written curriculum, Marvel math can turn the printed page into an interactive E-test that's easy for you to design and lots of fun for students to work through. Otherwise, just tell Marvel Math how challenging you'd like math problems to be, and it will make them up in an instant!

Similarly, Speaking Spelling will make it a breeze to teach spelling skills to kids of all ages.

Last but not least, Quality Quiz can make any kind of quiz or exam come alive with just a few keystrokes. Not only will the program encourage and help students as they work through their quiz, but it will automatically mark every question as soon as the quiz is completed. No more spending hours in front of sheets of paper grading tests, Quality Quiz can do it for you! And because this program makes each quiz so easy to take, and adds so much visual and audio feedback, students might actually look forward to exam time!

For more information on any of these programs, contact:

MarvelSoft Enterprises, Inc.
33222 Lynn Ave.
Abbotsford, BC V2S 1C9
Toll Free: 800-987-1231
Fax: 800-985-1231


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