My Pocket Doctor: A Braille and Audio Diabetes Reference Guide

Pocket Reference Journals, a medical publisher of pocket size health organizing journals has published it's first journal in braille. My Pocket Doctor, a Diabetic Reference Guide and Journal was written by an Endocrinologist, a CDE, and a Registered Dietitian.

The primary purpose of this journal is to be a helpful tool for educating the "newbie". It's a referral piece for information on:

  • disease terms, with easy to read descriptions
  • Emergency ID cards
  • Information on blood glucose testing
  • Insulin facts
  • New medications
  • Dining out
  • Illness complications
  • Travel, leisure and exercise
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • The ABC's of diabetes
  • A food plan
  • Resources by phone and the web

It's 72 pages, and has been transcribed into contracted braille. It's used not only by the blind but given out by diabetes educators, endocrinologists, and dietitians.

Click this link to learn more about this braille reference booklet for people with Diabetes:

Pocket Doctor on CD

This CD is a helpful tool for educating the "newbie". It's an expanded adaptation of the book for information on disease terms with easy to understand descriptions. Information on blood glucose testing, insulin facts, pills, new medications, dining out, illness complications, as well as such other important topics such as traveling, leisure and exercise, and smoking and alcohol are also included. The ABC'S of diabetes, a diabetes food plan, resources by phone and web, and so much more. Running time is one hour.

It's upbeat, and talks to you as in a conversation with musical dividing lines. Sylvia Hernandez, RD, CDE sounds like the diabetes educator you wished you had. Any newly diagnosed diabetic that's just been informed that they have diabetes should be listening to it.

See, and listen to an online audio sampler at


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