Online Church Communities and Services for People with Disabilities

Do you find it hard as a blind or visually impaired person to get to church for lack of transportation? Has someone slighted you for your visual impairment, and refused to be around you and fellowship with you? The answer to this problem is simple.

On Thursday nights at 9:00 P.M. Eastern, 8:00 P.M. Central, an internet church service is the answer. Come in to this church service via computer and listen to songs, testimonies, and a preached message. With a microphone, you can share with others your story of salvation, ask for prayer, and give praise reports.

This is an e-church. After service, there will be a period of fellowship. Come and be filled with God's Presence.

Click this link to learn more about this online church service:

First-time users will have to download a chat client. Upgrades are automatic. Audio quality is good and the software is safe. Just type in your name and disregard the password prompt. Enter on your name or tab to the OK button to enter.

This service is free to the blind, visually impaired and physically handicapped. Our sighted counterparts are welcome to join as well.

MyChurch: a Christian Social Network: Find, Connect and Grow Your Church Community

Here's an easy way for churches to create their own online community and an accessible for blind and visually impaired people to find a church. Start by exploring what's already online here: over 10,000 churches, and over 40,000 blogs.

Click this link to visit

Online Prayer Requests allows people of all faiths to submit a prayer and then have others pray for them. In this fast-paced world, people don^D>'t always have time to go to Church everyday and so a service that allows them some spiritual release is very helpful. The service is very easy to use, just go to the site, click ^D<"submit a new prayer^D>" and then type in your thoughts and images if desired. Your prayer will be immediately viewable online and others can pray for you by simply clicking ^D<"prayer it^D>". The more people that pray for you, the higher up on the page your prayer will be. So if you would like others to pray for you, perhaps the fastest solution is by going to

A Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness is a community for blind and visually impaired Christians! "It's a place where we can discuss our faith, submit prayer requests or just share inspiring stories with one another. Anyone who wants to join is welcome! Just go to the link below or look in my profile for it. The only rule in the community is RESPECT. Other than that, have fun!"

Click this link to join A Light in the Darkness:


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