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Message: Are there any screen reader accessible word prediction or composition writing programs?
Location: California

Word Prediction is a technology developed to assist people who have difficulty spelling and writing. As a person types, word prediction will display a list of the most probable words allowing the typist to select the word from the list. This technology can significantly reduce the number of key strokes and individual needs to make. The built in talking dictionary lets the typist hear the definition to make sure that the word they select is the right word. Whether, and weather can be very confusing to some writers.

Predictor Pro has many of the features you would expect in a word prediction program, but there are just a few things that really set it apart.

  1. It works with every application, not just Microsoft applications or a single program.

  2. It has a network addition that lets one teacher manage all the users. Teachers no longer need to add words to every workstation. They just add them to the master list on the network and all students have access to them.

  3. It has a revolutionary new technology called the Document Digester that can read files on your computer and quickly customize the prediction list for you or your class. If you want to have a customized word prediction for your Welding class just use the Document Digester to read the manual and it will generate a list of all words that are in the manual that are not in the prediction list.

  4. It offers word search capabilities. Sometimes word prediction is too much and some times it is not enough. The word search lets you search for any word in the dictionary and then inserts it directly into your document. The exciting part about this is that Predictor Pro has built in Text To Speech so when users click on a word they will hear it, most people can recognize the word when they hear it.

One of the biggest problems for new writers is using the correct word or form of the word. Many educators call these words confusable. That may be true, but every word that a person does not know is confusing, that is why the program has a powerful talking dictionary. Just use your mouse to right click on any word in the prediction or word search list and the definition will be displayed and can be read aloud to the user.

Predictor Pro has 3 built in languages, and is provided with 20 additional libraries, many are focused on those difficult medical terms. Many of the words used in the medical dictionary are not found in Microsoft's spell check so for many medical students this is the only way they can verify that their spelling is correct.

is available as a standalone product, but it is also part of the Literacy Productive Pack and the Accessibility Suite. You will also find it as part of the Key To Access.

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