Shoes, Boots and Jackets for Your Dog Guide

Your dog guide takes you all over the country and over a variety of surfaces. Your feet are always protected from the snow, ice, rocks, dirt and salt that covers the surfaces of many sidewalks. What about your guide's feet? What can protect their feet from these items that can be a health risk for your best friend?

At Pampered Pets you'll find a variety of dog shoes, boots and slippers designed to keep your guide's feet Safe & Dry And that Help Prevent Injury From Heat, Cold, Ice, Salt, Stones And Abrasive Surfaces.

To measure your pet for boots/shoes:

While dog is standing, measure from the front edge of the small pads to the back edge of the large pad. (Do not include the nails). If you have some vision, you may want to place the foot on a piece of paper, marking the paper at the front and back of the foot, and then measure between the marks on the paper.

Click this link to visit the Shoes & Boots page of the Pampered Pets website.

All Weather Muttluks

  • Available in rain slicker yellow; Made with waterproof coated fabric;
  • The leather toe cover (available in sizes M-XXL) offers protection and durability for larger dogs; with the Cordura Nylon toe cover available for smaller dogs (sizes Itty-Bitty to Small);
  • Self-tightening Hook & Loop straps allow for an easy, secure and quick fastening that ensures a snug and comfortable fit;
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective material on the back of the strap provides safety for dogs by offering nighttime visibility;
  • The comfortable stretchy cuff is versatile and easily adapted for dogs with short or long legs;
  • The boot bottoms are made from treated, water and salt resistant leather;
  • The entire boot is stitched with heavy-duty industrial bonded nylon thread;
  • Available in eight sizes to fit breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and everything in-between;
  • Distinctive and reusable cloth mesh packaging can be used for storing or washing Muttluks, or for general storage;
  • Muttluks come complete with a paw-fitting chart that makes it easy for pets to be sized on the spot and offers strong sales support at retail.

Muttluks Inc.
2360 Midland Avenue, Unit 3
Toronto, ON Canada M1S 4A9
Toll Free: 888-MUTTLUK (688-8585)
Phone: 416-699-6922
Fax: 877-MUTTFAX (688-8329) or 416-699-4161

ThermalWear Canine Cooling System

Let your best friend enjoy the dog days of summer without becoming overheated! ThermalWear Dog Vests can maintain a constant 50ยบ F for two or more hours, keeping your canine companion comfortably cool.

Unlike humans, dogs can't sweat to cool off. The Dog Vest absorbs a dog's excess body heat, allowing the canine to work or play harder and longer in extreme temperatures.

ThermalWear Dog Vests have been used professionally by police K9 units and search and rescue dogs, but they're also excellent for your dog guide or unemployed house dog as well.

Click this link to purchase the ThermalWear Canine Cooling System from pet gadgets.


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