Talklets: Good to See, Good to Hear, Good to Go

Talklets make text on the Web come alive with the use of the innovative TexticTalk system. With this technology, you can hear Web content spoken in 11 European languages including: Italian, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Spanish Portuguese, Catalan, Swedish, German, and Polish.

Speaking these languages are 35 voices, both female and male with a range of accents, from which you can select the one which is most pleasing and effective. The accents come from various countries and regions in Europe, North America, and Latin America.

Content can be read aloud either by using the TexticTalk point-and-read facility or by highlighting large sections of text. These sections can then be saved to MP3 for browsing off-line or transfer to a portable device.

Talklets have a diverse and exciting range of applications. Below are only a few.

  • Individuals with active lifestyles can save Web content in MP3 format and listen to it on-the-go.
  • Those who experience visual and learning difficulties, such as eye strain and dyslexia, can hear content rather than read it on a screen.
  • Customers, and employees being trained online, can listen to a company website in either the official language or a foreign language if they have difficulties reading.
  • Students of all ages learning a language can listen to and save Web content in order to become accustomed to the spoken word.

As well as the sound options of on-demand website reading and saving to MP3, Talklets also have sight options, including visual controls to customize page size and background colours. You no longer have to read text as it appears on the screen, but can customize it to be as unique as your own vision.

Talklets are available on a subscription basis for personal use on home and work computers.

As an individual using Talklets to see, hear, and save online content, you simply pay per voice per month. For example, you may wish to sound-enable the internet with both English and French and you will pay for each month that you use these services.

With this tool you can hear any website on-demand with the voice you have selected (unique to your preferences in language, accent, and gender) and save that content in MP3 format. You can also use the controls to customize the background colour and page size so that you can find your optimal visual comfort when reading websites.

For a small "pay-as-you-go" fee per month, you can add this service to your Web experience, to give your eyes a break, to practice with a new language, or to take the information you need on-the-go.

Textic Talklets speech-enable your website and give users the option to save your Web content in MP3 format. With the use of the innovative TexticTalk system, users can listen to your content in 11 European languages.

When the comfort and convenience of a client visiting your website is maximized, so is their time spent navigating and desire for repeat visits. Customization is the key to ensuring that your Web content makes the greatest impact on your diverse user base.

With Textic Talklets, your website will not loose visitors because their visual needs are not met. The options provided by Talklets can significantly increase the comfort and comprehension of those visiting your website who have a variety of visual and learning needs and preferences.

Click this link to learn more about the Talklets screen reading system:


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