The Telegraph Office

Welcome to a site that is a "Tribute to Morse Telegraphy." You'll find navigation on the side menu or in the middle of the page. Let's explore the great sections of this site.

Main Page - This link will always bring you back to the front page of the site.

There are several sections devoted to information for collectors. They are: References, Topics for Collectors, Histories of the Key Makers and Topics for Advanced Collectors.

There are also several sections devoted to the history of the telegraph.

Telegraph and Wireless Inventors - Here you can learn all about the people behind the invention from Morse's patent in 1849 to the experiments of J.C. Bose. You can find an interesting section here called Heroes of the Telegraph where you can check out biographies of telegraphers.

History of the Code - Here you can learn not only about the codes, but how they were sent. You can also check out telegrams and radiograms and how they were coded. Pretty neat, huh?!

You can also find a vast array of information on the keys of the telegraph machines, those are photo galleries unfortunately for us totals.

Click this link to learn the history of Telegraphy:


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