Text to Podcast

MagneticTime.com has announced that MT-Podcast is available for free to hobbyist bloggers.

Bloggers interested in using MT-Podcast can email press@magnetictime.com. Instructions will then be emailed to eligible bloggers.

Traditional podcasting is expensive and time consuming. MT-Podcast allows anybody to produce professional sounding podcasts without hiring actors or specialist speakers. With MT-Podcast, the sound quality is consistently high with MagneticTime's natural voice producing the podcast for the user and is completed in a time-effective manner - with lengthy podcasts produced in just a matter of minutes.

MT-Podcast simplifies the process by automatically and accurately converting written scripts to MP3 podcasts without needing a recorded voice. MT-Podcast is a web-based service, thus enabling users to manage individual podcasts, add/edit/remove podcast episodes and manage their own accounts.

For more information on MT-Podcast or to become a partner of MagneticTime, contact Laura Bourke, Marketing Executive, email press@magnetictime.com.


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