This Website is a Real Trezr

The one thing about being blind is that you miss out on all the great deals that are plastered in print newspapers and magazines. All those great coupons that sighted people clip to save a dollar or two here and there would be nice for blind people too.

I came across a site that has some really great deals, chosen by folks like you and me. It's truly a Trezr.

Trezr (pronounced "treasure") is an accessible social-bookmarking site, but devoted entirely to bargain hunting! The site combines Digg-style voting with the latest deals on travel, digital cameras, clothing and accessories, and more. The most popular deals are "Trezr"-ed by users, so it's easy to find the best ones, and there are some really great budgeting and money-saving tips as well. I especially liked this tip on the best times to buy everything from airplane tickets to baby clothes. They even have RSS feeds. Definitely worth checking out!

Click this link to visit


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