Voice Activated TV Remote Controls

A frustrating fact of life for many blind or visually impaired people is that consumer electronics continue to get smaller. While this is great for portability, it makes finding and pushing various buttons on these devices more difficult.

The InVoca voice activated TV remote control is a hands-free device that goes against the push for smaller electronics, reminding us that buttons are not always necessary to do things. This remote changes the channels, controls volume, and more with just the sound of your voice. It's a great solution for anyone who has difficulty seeing or dealing with small buttons.

Use the InVoca voice activated remote control for all your audio-video electronics. Simply speak into the universal remote to command your TV, VCR, DVD, cable and satellite with the sound of your voice. It's easy to set up and accepts up to 54 voice commands! You can even perform multi-step functions with a single command-e.g., switch the TV to channel 3 and press "play" on the VCR all at once.

The InVoca voice activated remote control recognizes up to four voices. It remembers your favorite stations and includes rechargeable batteries and a charging base.

Click this link to purchase the voice activated TV remote control from Brookstone.

SurfBoard Remote Control

The SurfBoard Remote Control lets users control their TV by the sound of their voice with a voice recognition system. The voice operation system can also be "trained" to associate channel numbers with such voice commands as "HBO," "ESPN," or "surf."

Other features of the SurfBoard Remote Control include: A voice-response system that tells users what button they have pushed (The voice response may be turned on and off.); a "HELP" button that guides users through set-up; and a "SURF" button can be used to go back to the previously tuned channel or to surf through "favorite" channels.

The "HELP" button uses voice prompts to talk the user through setup and command training.

The SurfBoard Remote Control includes a code library that includes the remote control codes for all popular TV, VCR, Cable, DSS, and other home entertainment products.

Click this link to learn more about the SurfBoard Remote Control: http://www.innotechsystems.com.


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