WebMD Drug Index

Have you ever come home from the pharmacy and thrown away the drug information that came with your prescription? Why keep it when you can't read it? Well, provided you have the name (brand or generic), you can find information about your prescription from this Web site. You can even search by condition and there are over the counter medications listed as well.

You can type your search in the search field to begin. Make sure you choose By Name or By Condition, depending on how you want to search and then click the Go button. You'll get all the information that the pharmacy gave you in print. How to use it, side effects, precautions, interactions and overdose information in a convenient, accessible version where everything is laid out in an orderly fashion.

You'll notice below the search field that there are two tabs. One is for the Top 200 Drugs and the other is for Drugs A to Z.

The Top 200 Drugs is exactly what it says. It's an A to Z listing of the top 200 drugs. These are often the most prescribed by doctors.

Drugs A to Z is a full listing of drugs from A to Z. Just choose the letter of the alphabet you want to search under and get started scrolling through the thorough lists of drugs. This is a good place to find some over the counter medications as well.

Click this link to visit the WebMD Drug Index: http://www.webmd.com/drugs/.


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