World at Your Fingers

This comprehensive set of tactile world maps provides an excellent opportunity for developing map-reading skills.

World At Your Fingers features a large tactile reference map showing the major oceans and land masses of the Earth using high-contrast raised surfaces, braille and print labels, and textured lines and areas. It also shows major mountain ranges, rivers, and lines of longitude and latitude.

Four additional maps are included in this set:

  • Embossed map of the world
  • Raised-line world map
  • Sinusoidal ("orange peel") map
  • Map of Antarctica

A guidebook is included with suggested uses, general principles of map instruction, extension activities, and additional resources. Recommended ages: 8+

World at Your Fingers
Catalog Number: 1-01190-00
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Printable World Maps

I'm thinking this could be a useful site in the classroom for low vision students. Maybe a teacher could print these off and enlarge them for greater accessibility?

Printable World Map provides over 150 printable maps that you can download. Choose from maps of continents, countries and regions. There are labeled maps, fill-in-the-blank maps and unlabeled maps.

Click this link to visit


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