Alphabet Annie Knows Her Braille

Doll collectors be on the lookout, we've got a star on our hands!

Alphabet Annie features Braille letters and numbers with the regular alphabet and Arabic numbers on her sweater. This interactive doll is the first of its kind to use Braille so children | who are blind or have low vision can play with it the way that other kidscan. Alphabet Annie is on ``back order status at J. C. Penney annie is also becoming harder to | find, if not already sold out, at Wal-Mart Stores nationwide. For a new toy, especially one made by a privately held company without a | multimillion-dollar advertising budget, that spells success -- in any alphabet.

The public's response to Alphabet Annie shows the demand for cool toys, available from mainstream retailers, for children who are blind, have low vision | or other special needs, such as cerebral palsy or problems with coordination.

In fact, the need is so great that the Toy Industry Foundation and the American Foundation for the Blind, publish the annual ``Guide to Toys for | Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired'' and distribute it for free. To get a copy, click this link to visit Click this link to visit the Toy Manufacturers Association website to read it online:


4RKDZ said…
My daughter's Alphabet Annie doll was stolen (...seriously, not lost, but stolen by a "grandmother" who took it from our yard sale--along with about 4 other items.... My daughter's been heartbroken ever since. I've goggled, checked a bunch of sites, amazon-ed, and e-bayed all to no avail. Can anyone help me find a replacement? Thank you...

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