Ouch is a website from the BBC. Its aim is to reflect the lives of disabled people right here and now in the third millennium.

It's not a help and support site. If we were to give it a label, it would probably be closest to lifestyle. They pride themselves on not being a resource for useful information, though I'm sure you'll find most things you're looking for here. There are many help and support sites out there that do a fantastic job, so the folks in the BBC Learning and Interactive department felt it would be good to do something completely different. OUCH! is about personal stuff, minutiae of everyday life and that fantastic dark sense of humour and inevitable cynicism that we disabled people tend to have. Oh, and they don't shy away from subjects that other people might be a bit wary of.

Now, you may be curious about the name. The site's editor, Damon Rose , came up with the name Ouch! one morning in the shower. He says: "It reflects everything, perhaps from that pain of first becoming disabled right through to the looks you get on the street. Disability matters = Ouch. People see disability as a minefield or a problem, but we know it's not - so there's a bit more Ouch for you."

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Paul Crichton has written the latest blog for BBC Ouch! Access 2.0. "The point of this blog is to look at all the things happening on the web now and in the future; the good, the bad and the ownright fugly. But we'll be looking at it from the point of view of inclusivity. En route, we'll be looking at real disabled people, how they use the net, how they want to use the net, and throwing in things that fascinate and interest us."

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