Blind Gamers Boggle

BG Boggle or Blind Gamers Boggle is the accessible version of the popular word game where you make as many words as you can from the sixteen letter cubes arranged in a four by four grid. You have to search for words that can be constructed from the letters of sequentially adjacent cubes. Adjacent includes the horizontally, vertically, and diagonally neighboring cubes. Words must be at least three letters long, may include singular and plural (or other derived forms) separately, but may not use the same letter cube more than once per word.

BG Boggle is suitable for both blind and visually impaired players, and like all Spoonbill games in the Blind gamers series, it is self-voicing. The game let's you generate random games, or enter a game manually. Manual entry is useful if you are playing with a sighted friend who is using a regular Boggle set. You can also save your game to resume later.

Copies of BG Boggle are only provided by email request only. To request a copy of the game, email Ian Humphreys at Spoonbill Software :


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