CinemaAudio Productions

Jeff Willoughby and Rebecca Lynn think they have a better way to tell stories. Their products from CinemaAudio Productions are billed "the next step in the evolution of the audio book," and are called a "mind-movie," "movies for the blind," and even a savvy, smart, contemporary take on old-time radio plays.

What is a CinemaAudio Production? Take all of the elements of a film; actors and actresses in character, sound effects and music, take away the picture and add a narrator to describe the action and you've got a CinemaAudio Production.

CinemaAudio Productions' motto, "every voice should be heard," translates into their searching for undiscovered talent of every type. Their productions feature local musicians, writers, web designers, actors and many others. And it's a never-ending supply of talent.

For more information about CinemaAudio Productions, visit them on the web at

CinemaAudio Productions
P.O. Box 325
Danville PA 17821
Toll Free: 866-836-0804


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