GotVoice Helps You Manage Your Voicemail Messages

GotVoice is a service for capturing voicemail messages from your telephone provider's messaging system, and making them available as handy mp3s. It means no more punching keypads to get to that vital message you saved two weeks ago, and always having a web accessible method for listening, trashing, and saving voicemail messages.

GotVoice offers a free package with basic functionality. It will automatically sync with the voicemail system a maximum of three times a day, and allows for the automatic deletion of old messages once a week. That's perfect functionality for simply using their service as a voicemail archive. The free versions are heavily supported by advertising, but that's par for the course when discussing great online services that are free to use.

The initial setup is very straightforward. GotVoice only needs a phone number and the appropriate PIN to access your voice mailboxes. GotVoice supports many of the most popular phone service providers whether the number is a cell phone, a landline voicemail service, or a VOIP provider; but they don't yet support all of them.

GotVoice was designed to work with automated Telco systems and can check your home voicemail, but only if you're using the services provided by your telephone provider. If you're using an external answering machine then GotVoice won't be able to check your messages.

There are four ways to check your messages with GotVoice. Their website has an interface for manually retrieving messages, and a flash based player for listening and downloading. All accounts have access to the web interface, and a great complement to the website is a handy Windows utility that runs in the system tray. The GotVoice Message Center can also be used to manually check for messages, jump straight to the account pages, and retrieve all the saved messages. If you really need to have your voicemail checked more than three times a day on the free account this is the easiest manual way.

The subscription plans offer notification emails with the messages attached as heavily compressed mp3s. The file sizes are small and the audio quality is definitely good enough. The top tier of service offers a personalized RSS and podcast feed of all your messages.

There are no limits on the number of messages, and no limits on the total recorded time. That may change at some distant point in the future.

If you're an always on the go worker bee having to juggle multiple voicemail systems, then this service will be great. Give the free account a shot to test it out for yourself.

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