How to Choose Flattering Eyeglasses

Lloyd Boston, chief style officer for LensCrafters helps you pick out the perfect pair of frames for your face.

  • Pick a frame that off-sets the shape of your face; if you have a square-ish face, soften it with round or oval frames. For a round face, lengthen it with rectangular frames.

  • Keep the frames in proportion to your face: your frames should never extend beyond your eyebrows or touch your cheeks. Plus, you don't want your glasses to take up more than one-third of your face.

  • If your skintone is warm, try a gold or coral frame. For a cool skintone, go for black or blue-gray tone. (A quick way to figure out if you have a warm or a cool skin tone is to have someone look at the veins in your arm. If they look blue, chances are you are a cool; if they have more of a greenish tint, you're probably a warm).


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